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Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Drama CD: ~Memories of You~ Update

Well, this is an update. Feel free to comment on the translation.

I’ll finish this as soon as possible. I already have about five minutes translated.

Usually, I would have already finished half of this by now, but personal obligations get in the way.

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Zutto Shiawase na Kiss/A Kiss of Eternal Happiness – Track 2 – Audio Made Visual (via dclives)

The “Audio Made Visual” version of track 2 is released. Thanks to AXYPB and DCLives for all their help.

As for updates on the remaining two tracks, well, I’m still working on them. There are quite a few hard (and rather indecent) terms in the Omake track, so it’ll take a little bit more research to get done. As for track 8, well, the time will come for that. Maybe I’ll finish it first, after all. It’s a LOT easier to translate it, and is much more needed right now.

Zutto Shiawase na Kiss/A Kiss of Eternal Happiness - Track 2 - Audio Made Visual Zutto Shiawase na Kiss/A Kiss of Eternal Happiness – Track 2 – Audio Made Visual   The second track of Zutto Shiawase na Kiss is finished! Encoder: dclives Translator: @fkeroge Editor: AXYPB Format: MKV Codec: x264 Size: 10.8 MB Resolution: 640×480 Length: 2 min 14 sec Audio: Japanese Subtitles: English Track 2 Megaupload Link Track 3 is being worked on now, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Enjoy! … Read More

via dclives

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Update: Track 9 done! 4/10/2011

The Drama CD is romantic in the most pure and heavenly manner describable by words

I have decided to postpone my track 8 translation for personal reasons. However, I am delighted to announce that track 9 is finally done! It is a very short track so I will not be able to provide a sample without spoiling anything. The last two on the list is track 8 (the H-track) and Nanami and Yuuna’s Omake Corner. Continue reading


A Very Important Announcement: I’m Moving.

Yes, you saw it right. I’m moving to Ambivalence, or is it Ambiguity. Continue reading


Filler for Some, Update for Others.

This post is to inform you that I have to finish a  job that I started ages ago and that I will be less active in the days to come. I apologize for this blatant filler post.

For the anime statistics thing that I posted a few days ago, I finished it too. I’ll be posting the results as soon as I get all these stuff out of the way.