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It made history.

Here is Amazon’s top 10 Blu-ray preorders in Japan as of March 14, 2011, 10:00 am UTC+8:00.

This says it all. It's official.

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Madoka Magica Game Featuring Homura, Mami, Sayaka and Kyouko

8bit awesomeness.

I ran into this short but entertaining game. It’s quite a small .zip file so download away!

You can play as Mami, Sayaka or Kyouko as you go through either Gertrud, Charlotte or Oktavia’s barrier. If I were given a choice of a favorite charater to play in this one, I guess it’ll have to be Mami, you’ll understand why if you play it.

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Of Physics, Fiction and Magical Girls

Many fans and haters of Madoka Magica are on the constant argument about the whole “entropy” explanation that Kyuubee gave Madoka at episode 9. Let me try to explain in a nutshell what is really going on with that conversation.

WARNING: This post will include equations and scientific facts and theories, as well as some bits of things about fiction in general, so if you’re not comfortable with dealing with such content, please stay away from this post. Continue reading

The Makings of a Hero

I think the true hero of this show is starting to be taken lightly.

In fiction, heroes are usually allies of Justice, Love and Friendship or some other idealist notions of goodness in society. In superhero media, includes your comic book heroes and your Mahou Shoujo, the  superhero is often presented with conflicts and problems which can be solved using their almighty powers or sheer disregard for ther own lives giving them the ability to stand up to situations which are unfavorable to them and then turn the tables to their favor. Whether they die or not, is purely up to the writers, but usually, the hero succeeds in attaining his goal or at least getting his/her message across. This is why most adventure/superhero comics tend to appeal to the moral obligations of people when writing their stories. Those who do dare to contest these notions have their works appreciated mostly by the literature niche. Continue reading

An Analysis of the Themes and Characters of Madoka Magica

Don't cry, Madoka...


Now, for the true purpose of this weblog: an in depth analysis of events, themes and characters of different anime, manga and visual novels. First up is Puella Magi/Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Uhhh… so, you may wanna stay away from this if you haven’t watched episode 4 yet. Yes, I’m going all out with everything I’ve got, this is an all out spoiler post. Continue reading