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I might be inactive this week.

I might end up like Miharu if things continue at this rate...


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A Promise to Myself

THIS WAS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR THE WHOLE EPISODE! Too bad another one of him pops out and eats the corpse...


I’ve been posting a lot of stuff about Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica recently. Most of these posts were about my views about an episode fueled by my recently discovered habit of speculation and small “research”. While Madoka Magica is something that I really enjoy, it feels like it lost some of its unpredictability to me because of my sometimes annoying new found habits. I still like to speculate over things unknown but doing it too much really just kills the mood of a really good show (at least for me). Continue reading

Madoka fans are of different natures

Many madoka fans do everything in their ability to make us appreciate the series. Here are some:

Go to image hosting sites such as danbooru or konachan (links will be added later) (too lazy) for all sorts of things, including yuri pairings;

This video;

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Why? No, Seriously… Why? (Part 2, Yuri Edition)

Being an anime fan and being a big sucker for heartwarming stories above all, I tried to explore different types of anime: shoujo titles, seinen titles and some shounen titles until I had nothing left on what I’d consider then to be morally acceptable for me. Sadly, though, not many series seemed to give me a dose of heartwarming as much as Clannad and it’s second season did. Continue reading

Why? No, seriously… why?

A lot of people wonder and ask me why I like anime so much. Some people I know do watch anime back then, but they what they watch are the usual shounen series like Naruto and Bleach, and very few would even consider looking at the synopses for other anime. I was considered a deviant for quite a while back then for liking drama-driven series like Kanon and Clannad, which they had incorrectly assumed was for little girls aged 10-12.

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