About @fkeroge

I am @fkeroge, a BS Chemical Enginnering student in his first year in college. I am very interested in politics, economics, philosophy, psychology and other things meta. It is my firm belief that I should not include religion and faith based arguments in my posts as much as possible. I try to be unbiased and neutral in my posts(I simply can’t do this sometimes) and take an amoral stand about things.

While I can be very easily affected by emotions, shown in my comments, If I see myself mistaken, I would gladly correct myself.

And also, I’m a big fan of anything yuri, so it may show in my posts. If you, dear reader, doesn’t share the same sentiments, I apologize.

As for comments, feel free to write anything you want, as long as it doesn’t insult other readers. I would also kindly ask you to refrain from using too much strong profanity. A bit of it is okay with me, but if a comment is just full of it, I would appreciate it if you don’t put it on the site(I’ll probably just delete it anyway).

And now I, @fkeroge, will leave you with this message:

Otaku, comic book fans, Twilight fans, weeaboos, and your next door neighbor tending to his garden are all human beings. They all deserve a certain degree of respect from each one of us. Though they may be weird at times, it’s just their way of showing that they love what they do. Let’s just try to understand them, for with understanding, comes wisdom.

  1. So when you leave a comment like the one on here, that speaks loads of misandry and sexism…


    It’s not a mistake? Feminism was an ideology. Now it’s the new radical Christianity.

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