Project Involvements

Well, It has been a very long time since I last updated this blog, and this update may probably be the last one.

I now have more important business to attend to and won’t be able to maintain this blog with me being an author at AOIA, as well as having both real life obligations that are forced upon me and online obligations that I chose to do for self-satisfaction.

Rest assured that I won’t be dropping any current projects (Kaede-chan Super Mode and Zutto Issho no Natsu). I have just adapted /u/’s proclaimed god, AXYPB‘s, release policies and take everyone by surprise once I release stuff (meaning not in this site). For those who are interested on the released tracks of Zutto Shiawase na Kiss (A Kiss of Eternal Happiness), please visit DCLives’ site here.

And that will be all. Thank you for the support you have given the Drama CD translations. It means very much to a humble yuri fan as myself.














Oh, and I almost forgot. You guys may be in for a surprise.

  1. Alrighty then, see you at AoiA from now on the boyo.

    • Yi
    • August 26th, 2011

    Thanks for all the hardwork on this wonderful site. ^ ^

  2. Its always sad to see blogs disappears…:(

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