Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Drama CD: ~Memories of You~ Update

Well, this is an update. Feel free to comment on the translation.

I’ll finish this as soon as possible. I already have about five minutes translated.

Usually, I would have already finished half of this by now, but personal obligations get in the way.

Cat: Meow!

Homura: Ah!

Cat: Meeeooowww…

Homura: Kuroneko-chan, where’s your collar? Are you a stray?

Cat: Meow…

Homura: *giggles* How cute. Ah, you see, I’m going to transfer schools today. Will I be alright, I wonder?

Cat: Meeeooowww…

Homura: What’s wrong? I have cookies. Would you like some?

Cat: Meow…

Homura: Are you alone? Even when you’re this young…

Cat: Meeoow…

Homura: I see. Just like me.

    • Shirt
    • April 28th, 2011

    The hell is this depressing shit? T_T

  1. OOH! Could this be a sequel involving our favorite pre badass megane Homura? I look forward to reading what the other tracks have in store.

      • JD
      • April 28th, 2011

      I think this is a more fleshed out version of Timeline 1. Some of the dialog further in is pretty much identical to events in episode 10. Now if I could just understand the rest!

      Great TL so far! Thanks for everything!

      Would you mind if I timed this script, styled it and made an .ass file? I would give credit of course, and would offer it to you if you wanted to distribute it. If not, I’d respect your wishes.

      • Of course I won’t mind. My translations are free and always will be. About distribution, I think we should make a page for that. 🙂 I’ll get to that sometime soon.

      • But I would appreciate it if you would wait for editing to be done. I will contact someone soon to do it.

    • Just wait and see.

    • Yi
    • April 28th, 2011

    Actually kind of cute. Will look forward to seeing more. ^ ^

  2. This is so…depressing. Must download.

  3. Kaede-chan supermode and Madoka, thanks for the great news.

    • Anglisc
    • May 3rd, 2011

    I saw a translated version of the Drama CD floating around already, I even have it DLed but I haven’t had the chance to take a look at it yet. Just thought you might like to know.

    • Would you mind sending me a copy of the TL and link to where you found it? If it’s a good TL, I’ll endorse it and I’ll ask permission to have it sub styled and sent for encoding.

    • Nevermind. I just found it. It’s pretty accurate, with only a few minor mistakes. You can rely on it for now. I contacted the translator so that we can use his/her translation for an encode.

      • Could you post or email me the link to the translation? I would love to take a look.

        Also I started watching Madoka Magica a few days ago. I’m 7 episodes in and it seems good so I could help with editing the drama CD if you want. Also it seems someone has already done a translation of it so maybe you could use it as a starting point:

      • I just saw the video and I think the translation is great. I think I can drop this project now, but I still want to ask people if they want to continue.

      • I already sent a message to the youtube poster asking for the script. Is the video translation better than the link you posted?

        I could still make a video for this much like the one on youtube except fully softsubbed and without warping the aspect ratio of the pictures. I would prefer to finish doing Zutto Shiawase na Kiss first but if it will take awhile for the 3rd track to be edited I can start working on this. I just need to know which script is better and if you need to fix any translation mistakes.

      • The translation in the video is better and the author of the translation in the link I posted acknowledges this too.

    • snsninja
    • May 5th, 2011

    I know some basic japanese so I might be able to help a bit.

    • Thanks for the thought, but there are already translations going around that are pretty accurate. There are also subbed videos on YouTube too.

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