Update 6/4/11: Almost there!

Yuri FTW!!!

Track 7 translation is finally done! I have to say that this track is the focus of the drama CD. I haven’t seen anything this romantic in a long time. XD

Note that this is not translated yet, so there may still be some errors.


Nanami:  … My skirt got wet…

Yuuna: Ah, I’m sorry. I was too rough back there. But I’m sure it will dry later. Wait for a bit. I’ll going to help you dry it off.

Nanami: Thank you very much.

Yuuna: It’s a good thing we brought towels.

Nanami: That’s Onee-sama for you. Always prepared, aren’t you?

Yuuna: Ah…

Nanami: Is something wrong?

Yuuna: Your underwear… I can see it through your skirt…

Nanami: Eh? AAAAAAH!

Yuuna: Haaaaaaaah….. haaaaaah….

Nanami: Onee-sama, don’t “haah… haah” on me now!

Yuuna: It looks like… my switch is turned on…

Nanami: EEEEEH!? It’s just your imagination!

Yuuna: No, it’s not! Ah… why are you so irresistibly cute? You’ll make my heart burst!

Nanami: It’s just your imagination!

Yuuna: It’s not my imagination this time! Haaaaah…. haaaaah…

Nanami: Wah! Those eyes look dangerous… snap out of it, Onee-sama! There are other people here!

Yuuna: I’m going to catch you and kiss you all over!

Nanami: (It’s going to be bad if people see us here! I don’t have a choice. I must run!)

Yuuna: Haaaah…. haaaah….

Nanami: I’m sorry, Onee-sama! This is to protect the sanctity of our relationship!

Yuuna: Stop right there! Nanami!!!

Yuuna: *pant**pant* Let me kiss you!!!!

Nanami: I’m sure that it won’t end with just a kiss, so no!!!

Yuuna: Did you come to hate me, Nanami?

Nanami: No, but I sense danger! Ah- ow, ow, ow. I tripped…

Yuuna: Heeheehee… got you…

I’ll leave the rest to your imaginations for now~ See you soon!

  1. Oh this should be lovely once completed.

    • The drama CD has more substance than the first game, so expect it to go really good. ^^

      • Indeed. I shall eagerly await the script’s release and have a good time putting my imagination to work.

      • I’ve been meaning to ask, but do you have a twitter account? It’s going to be much easier to communicate if you have one. And I release updates there faster, too.

  2. No I don’t, because:
    A: I hate Twitter.
    B: I’m just fine stopping by fellow doods’ blogs and see what they’re up to. I’m currently furnishing the G-Empire as I type this. By tomorrow night I’ll probably have something worth showing off.

    • Oh, I see. that’s fine too.

      I’m looking forward to your posts. ^^

      • After I finish posting all my current reviews in a menu, I’ll just write stuff or promote things. Maybe I’ll save the promoting for when I’ve gathered enough buddies.

        The last thing I want to change is my welcome mat. I don’t know how to do that. The wallpaper’s finished, the sign’s posted but I don’t like the flower mat. I want to change it to something else.

      • You can change the overall theme in your dashboard, but if you just want to remove the flower mats, I don’t know how you will go by that. Sorry.

  3. thanks for the comment and support. Now to the main topic at hand. I wonder how Little Red Nanami hood will survive the Big Bad Yuuna’s assault fueled by mad love power?

    • I’ll leave it to your imagination for now~

      The question is: Will she survive it? Hahahaha!

  4. How are you going to excerpt the next track?

    • I don’t know… I want to keep this blog safe for work. 🙂
      Ahhh… whatever works, I think. (If there ARE going to be any lines that would work…)

  5. I wonder if our innocent little Nanami will be changed for good after this latest out of many Yuuna snack times? How many times over the course of their relationship has Yuuna eaten? Does Nanami at least get a shot in the Drama CD or does she continue providing strawberry milk, with “apple juice” for dessert?

    • Changed is an understatement. Although she is still quite reserved when other people are around.

    • Yi
    • April 7th, 2011

    No idea you were working on this until some time ago. Thanks! And I really look forward to its completion. ^ ^

    • The raw translation should be completed in a few days, I think.

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