Surprise, surprise! Updates 4/4/2011

This is from the sixth game, but it's somewhat related to the drama CD.

Translation for track 6 out of 10 of Zutto Shiawase na Kiss is done.

Note that this is not yet edited, so there may still be inconsistencies and errors.


Yuuna: Hey, look… doesn’t this fit you, Nanami?

Nanami: That’s too revealing!

Yuuna: I think having some confidence is good. I just wanted you to be a little adventurous. Doesn’t this underwear make you go, “Kya!”?

Nanami: Why are you choosing with that in mind?

Yuuna: It’s better than having other motives, right? This set’s pink-line bra looks good on you. Can we try it out?

Nanami: Eh? But…

Yuuna: I’m sure it will look good on you.

Nanami: I understand. Then, I’ll be going to the fitting roo- Yuuna Onee-sama! Why are you following me here!?

Yuuna: I’ll help you put it on!

Nanami: I can do it myself, though…

Yuuna: Then I’ll check if the size is right!

Nanami: I can ask the staff about that…

Yuuna: Ummm, t-then, I’ll check to see if it looks good on you!

Nanami: You just want to get in here with me, don’t you?

Yuuna: Yes. Of course.

Nanami: Haaah, okay. Let’s go in together.

Yuuna: Okay!

I bet you can guess what happens later… if you catch my drift.

  1. I’m wondering whether I should check out the Drama CDs or not. Darn it, I need pictures in order to get my imagination working…then again audio works too.

    • It’s a must if you like Hanabira. The drama CD’s are quite fun to listen to. ^^

      • Would you happen to have links to any Drama CDs that have been translated so far?

      • I think someone linked to the translation of the drama CD bundled with the OVA at ListlessInk. I think it was in the main page of Sono Hanabira. Check the comments.

    • They all take place outside of St. Michael’s, so you’re missing out on significant facets of each character featured.

      • Exactly. The drama CDs are essential for the maximum appreciation of the series.

      • Got it mysterious one and @fkeroge, I’ll search high and low for both scripts and Drama CD DLs.

  2. I also just realized that this article was published on April 5th, not 4th. Go figure.

  3. cool……sometimes hearing is better than seeing….lol

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