Comparison of Joined In Love With You and the OVA [Updated 29/03/2011] (via AXYPB World)

This is AXYPB’s thorough analysis of Anata to Koibito Tsunagi OVA versus visual novel. It is very detailed and it is a must read for those who enjoyed the OVA, the visual novel or both.

I also plan on doing some character studies once I finish with the other Hanabira stuff.

Comparison of Joined In Love With You and the OVA [Updated 29/03/2011] This post contains spoilers for the visual novel and anime OVA titled Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi and should not be read without familiarity of both. In the interest of keeping this blog work-safe, no explicit images will be shown. This post will be updated as more material is explored. Readers are encouraged to debate any points presented here. The OVA released on 30 July 2010, three years after the visual novel it w … Read More

via AXYPB World

  1. Thank you for the publicity.

    • Hey, no problem. I’m always happy to support Hanabira related posts. ^^
      Also, I already sent you the latest files. Did you receive them?

      • I have. It will be some time before I can examine them in detail, however.

      • Oh, that’s okay. I can work on other things in the meantime.

  2. The mysterious Alphabetical code is an inspiration to psychologists everywhere. Such dedication to researching things he/she likes(95% chance it’s a he). Anyway, I would give the person an A for material and coolness.

  3. Ia it me or does OVA Mai look cuter than VN Mai? Maybe her happy face makes me go squee for some reason.

    • I liked the VN Mai better, but the OVA’s Mai also has her charms. Maybe it’s just that I like fleshed-out characters more, or I just like Mai in the VN because she’s more of a seme there. I don’t know.

      • I was talking about her face, not her character. As for character, of course the VN versions are better because they get more screen time.

      • Oh… hmmmmm….

        Well, she IS cute… probably made to appeal to more people more easily. The VN Mai needs more exposure to make her shine, but the OVA makes her personality different to appeal to the viewers faster. It is an ero-anime after all.

  4. afkeroge :
    Oh… hmmmmm….
    Well, she IS cute… probably made to appeal to more people more easily. The VN Mai needs more exposure to make her shine, but the OVA makes her personality different to appeal to the viewers faster. It is an ero-anime after all.

    Doesn’t matter as far as I’m concerned. What does matter is that it sold well and that I want a Mai plushie along with one of both Erisu and Shizuku. Especially one of them in the chibi scene where Shizuku gives Erisu her special bento. They both looked so adorable in that pic…I have a weakness for cuteness…I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM!

    • I want Nanami, Yuuna, Sara, Kaede, Reo, Mai, Takako, Runa, Shizuku and Erisu plushies!!! I have a weakness for cuteness too. I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM! ^^

      • Sometimes I wish I could go to Japan and go on an all plushie shopping spree. Is it shameful for men to desire plush toys based on beautiful 2D lesbians, whose love for each other fills the world with absolute joy? Is it so wrong to be fascinated by the developing romance between two beings who have similar body parts? Is it so wrong for a man to shed a tear after watching a romantic confession between two women? Is it wrong to desire a battle for yuri supremacy between Shizuma and Erisu?

        Why does Reo remind me of a lion cub every time I see her?
        If Shizuku is twice the tsundere Reo is, does that mean Erisu is twice the bully Mai is? Erisu, based on what I’ve played without translations, is a vampire, so she doesn’t act like a bully, she’s more like a succubus.

        I wonder what Kaede and Sara did to celebrate their honeymoon after they officially got married in episode 4?

        Who would win a battle between Erisu and Yuuna to determine the strongest yuri mistress in St. Michael’s? Should it be changed to a triple threat match with Runa added to the mix?

        If Runa’s strong enough to lift Takako, can she beat Kaede in an arm wrestling contest?

      • Maybe the plushies ARE already out of stock (if they have any) because the series is very popular, among guys and gals alike.

        Maybe it’s because Reo resembles Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!.
        Erisu is more of an airhead. But she’s the type of airhead that I like. ^^

        We can only let our imaginations go wild. ^^

        Yuuna holds more political power, so I think Yuuna would win?

        Maybe that’s because Takako is such a weenie. ^^

  5. What is the age difference between Runa’s class and the Hanahira cast?

    Would it be cool for Nanami’s 3 friends to get their own game or would you prefer a new couple to emerge after the Erisu X Shizuku sequel coming this Summer?

    Did it surprise you that Erisu has a larger package than Takako? Do you think Kaede’s breasts are too big?

    Out of all the Hanabira girls, who would you say is the most adorable?

    Could you give me a sneak peek as to the date of your planned Hanahira translation?

    Erisu’s an airhead? I’m even more intrigued now. Not only is she a vampire but she’s the same level of common sense as a coconut.

    Who has the best hair in the cast?

    • I think the Hanahira! cast are at least middle school level while Runa is still in sixth grade.

      I would like it if they made games for Nanami’s friends. But a new couple is always welcome too.

      Not really. For Kaede… I can’t really say if it’s too big… I’m not bothered by it.

      For adorable, since I have quite an ordinary taste, I think Nanami is more of my type.

      The Hanahira translation is low priority as of now. I think I want to get as many drama CD’s translated as possible. Besides, maybe someone would be kind enough to pick it up.

      Much like Mai, she’s a real seme character.

      Like I’ve said many times in twitter and ListlessInk, Erisu’s hair and eyes are to die for! ^^

      • My pick for most adorable is Sara.

        Until the English version of episode 8 is released, I’m guessing Mai is slightly more down to Earth than Erisu is.

        Can’t argue with you there, Erisu and Shizuku have the best hairstyle, bodies, clothing, everything. There’s a reason why I gave them the title of college queens. They could be the strongest tag team in the Hanabira wrestling roster.

        That’s a shame. Oh well, the Drama CDs will also be sweet treats. I would love to play Hanahira! in the near future. They should not be ignored.

        Prince Kaede’s hot so I don’t blame you for not minding her large breasts. Frog Kaede is no ugly duckling either.

        Maybe in the future, Nanami’s friends will get more recognition outside the Drama Cd they’re in.

      • Ah! You reminded me of Sara’s adorable-ness. I remeber Sara being put on an embarassment play by Kaede in Kaede-chan Super Mode. It’s quite an amusing scene. Also, Kaede and Sara have the tendency to make love in the most unusual of places, as shown in the Drama CD.

        I know, right? Erisu and Shizuku have the best character designs. >_<

  6. EmperorG :
    Who would win a battle between Erisu and Yuuna to determine the strongest yuri mistress in St. Michael’s? Should it be changed to a triple threat match with Runa added to the mix?

    This question intrigues me because there’s a potential traditional power trio dynamic between these three should they meet in the field of battle.

    Erisu would be the hard-hitting berserker, aggressive to the detriment of self-defense. She can keep Shizuku in check with little effort, but if Shizuku catches her off-guard and mounts a sustained counterattack, she’s left at a loss for options for an extended period of time. Her sheer size and experience makes her a worthy adversary against the rest of the student body, and she should have no issues taking on two opponents at once.

    Yuuna strikes a balance between strength and agility, befitting her manipulative personality. She definitely knows how to keep Nanami in her grasp, figuratively and literally. However, she allows her adversary ample chance to strike back in the interest of competitive balance. She should have no problem taking on two enemies larger and smaller than her at the same time if she manages her targets well, and she has been shown to have excellent managerial skills.

    Runa would be the high-flying speedster, as shown by her proven ability to outwit opponents much larger or numerous than her. But on the few occasions that Takako, the imposing authority figure, manages to turn the tables on her, she has very little hope of escaping. Fighting two such opponents will prove to be a very exciting challenge for her, and there’s no reason she would deny an opportunity to assert domination over multiple contenders to the throne.

    It’s anyone’s match if the scenario is established carefully enough.

    • As expected from the mysterious one, he read my mind and easily figured out the reason as to why I picked these 3 girls in particular to duke it out in the ring…besides the fact they’re all blonds.
      Erisu: John Morrison.
      Yuuna: Bret Hart.
      Runa: AJ Styles or Shawn Michaels.

      This person also pinpointed their strengths and weaknesses quite accurately, even though everyone knows is that all 3 superstars’ weaknesses are their lovable managers.

      Another great match would be a tag team match between Mai and Reo vs Yuuna and Nanami.
      Mai: Kurt Angle
      Reo: Ken Shamrock
      Nanami: Chris Jericho

      This is why they should make Sono Hanabira doujin games. If they did it with Maria-sama ga Miteru, why not this series?

      • I can’t relate! ^^ I agree on Sono Hanabira Doujin Games, though.

  7. afkeroge :
    I can’t relate! ^^ I agree on Sono Hanabira Doujin Games, though.

    I went overboard with my wrestling comparison (Because I like wrestling and GOOD cat fights) but there’s a reason why our good friend, the mysterious one made these comparisons.

    You see, these 3 blonds have a gifted charisma. What do I mean you ask? Let’s take a look at Kaede and Mai. Even though both were already popular to begin with, it wasn’t until Sara and Reo teamed up with their respective lovers that their popularity skyrocketed. Now with Erisu, Yuuna and Runa, they didn’t need their partners to gain supreme power and control over their respective classes, they already had it the moment they stepped into the classroom. They’re gifted with beauty, charisma, authority and skills that could be used in Mortal Kombat. Back to Mysterious One’s description, you can clearly see that when push comes to shove, these three blonds are capable of things that we never thought possible. These 3 have what it takes to put on a good fight should the right buttons be pressed. It also helps that their greatest weaknesses are their managers’ rage. Should they upset their managers, it’s all over for them.

    • It’s worth emphasizing that neither Kaede nor Mai ever actively sought influence in their classes; they kept to themselves until their significant others forced them to open up. Since you used a professional wrestling analogy, this would make Erisu, Yuuna, and Runa as heels to be taken down before they conquer the entire student body. Instead of fighting against an equal number of faces, your matchup has them all facing each other, which is why I’m guessing it interests you so. It’s difficult to imagine any of them turning face to gain an advantage, but as history as shown, allowing so many heels to run rampant in a single organization causes the balance of power to erode very quickly. To make things worse, it’s very easy to imagine Kaede and Mai turning heel should they fail to do so. Nanami, Sara, Reo, Takako, and Shizuku all have personalities apt to facing opposition from their respective partners to varying degrees, so if the worst happens, the balance of power will be 50/50 at best. The only hope for this scenario is for all of them to disrupt the match and stop them before this angle is allowed to progress to its natural conclusion.

      • Right again mystery dood. The 3 blonds’ do have heel like characteristics. I just want to see them duke it out and find out which is the supreme yuri mistress. Think of it like this as well, all 3 blonds represent a different grade, which can be seen as 3 different brands. This could also be seen as a winner take all bragging rights match. The winner will be seen as the top heel of all 3 brands and the most dominant threat to the innocent and pure women of St. Michael’s.
        Now if you want a basic faces vs heels match, just have them fight against their lovers ala Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The source of the dispute isn’t important, what’s important is that all 3 submissive members have a problem with their respective blond “dominator” (I know this isn’t a real word). Anyway, Nanami, Takako and Shizuku come together and discuss their problems, leading to them forming a temporary truce in the hopes of being able to teach the 3 blonds a lesson in respect. there you go, 6 person tag match.
        storyline wise, all 3 submissive girls aren’t being treated fairly by their respective blond.

        As for Mai and Kaede turning heel, yeah you’re right about that. Still, the only true face tag team that I can think of is Kaede and Sara because they’re the most balanced of all the Hanabira couples.

      • After several days thinking about this, I finally understand what you mean by “different brands”. There are four divisions in St. Michael’s that the series follows: the primary school, junior high, senior high first and second year, and senior high third year. Of these, there is a monster heel menacing three of them, and all four divisions are currently kept completely separate storyline-wise. The first and second year (i.e. the A-show) has multiple heels with varying levels of control, and should any of them choose to overstep their currently established boundaries, the heels in the other divisions might get involved as well. Should Fuguriya or anyone else (e.g. Asagi Ryu) decide to have any of the divisions spill over into each other, it will take a very delicate approach to the interactions of all involved in order for the continuity to be kept intact. The junior high division is currently immune from all of this potential melee, and I suspect it will stay that way indefinitely, even in fan circles.

      • All this information is making my head hurt.

        And about the middle school division, maybe it’s a good idea to make a cross-grade group pairing, i.e. middle school-high school pairing. It would be quite refreshing.

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