They even gave the OP quite a good message to it… amazing, simply… amazing.

I won’t forget the promise we made
I’ll close my eyes and assure myself
I will shake off the overwhelming darkness and move onward

When will I once more be able to see
That future that we lost?

I’ll move forward in this world
Shattering the overflowing shadows of anxiety again and again

Time now begins to tick away incessantly
Let’s open the closed door
While carrying our unchanging feelings

My heart is awakened in order to paint the future
Even if I come to a halt on a tough road
The sky will wait for me in its blue glory
Therefore I’m not afraid
I won’t be disheartened anymore no matter what happens

My friends were there when I looked back
They gave me a warm hug as we met

In the world where everything was wrong
The only safe place was my salvation

Our feelings will be stronger by sharing our joy and sorrow
If my voice can reach you
I’m sure that a miracle would happen

I won’t forget the promise we made
I will close my eyes and assure myself
I will shake off the overwhelming darkness to move onward
No matter how big a wall there is
I will definitely cross over it
Believe and pray for tomorrow

While I was wandering in the collapsed world,
I came to you as if I was drawn to you

My heart is awakened in order to paint the future
Even if I come to a halt on a tough road
The sky will wait for me in its blue glory
Therefore I’m not afraid
I won’t be disheartened anymore no matter what happens

I will surely look forward to tomorrow

-from Connect by ClariS


It was Homura… and now the song makes my heart ache more than it already has. Madoka is the highlight of the OP and I think I see why now. Homura, you are someone that I would respect for the rest of my life. She is simply the type of person that I would love to see in real life, cold and kind. Her heart-wrenching past along with her precious memories with Madoka, it’s just too sad to see a tragedy out of this. Homura deserves a happy end, for her sake, and for the others as well.

I once envisioned a shoujo-ai story with a similar development (or at least, a Key-like one), and I got one of the best ways to do it. It makes me want to care about the characters more and wish them all to be happy.

Sayaka realizes her own foolishness and gives out her final sentiments to Kyouko, the only one who understood her plight. Kyouko follows Sayaka shortly after with an intention of being with Sayaka until her last breath. This is very heartwarming and sad at the same time. I cannot describe how I felt when I first saw this.

And then we see Homura facing the multiple tragedies that made a clumsy, shy girl into the badass Homura we all know and love. The scene where Madoka transforms into a witch is almost unbearable to watch. Okay, some of you may think that I’m being a little too sappy about this, but if you put yourself in Homura’s shoes, hearing Madoka’s pained cries and her final words: “Doushite!?” it’s just so painful to watch.


This is too cruel...

Then we see them again fighting Sayaka’s witch form, trying to bring her back. As the viewers, we know that this is a futile endeavor. Mami and the others are finally informed of the final secret of the Soul Gem. Mami snaps and kills Kyouko. She then proceeds to kill Homura, only to be shot by none other than Madoka herself. After fighting Walpurgis, came one of the most “eerily romantic(quoted from Yi’s tweet)” lines I have ever heard: “Together we’ll become monsters. Destroy… Destroy… Destroy everything.” Then Madoka went and did it. She decided to save Homura and asks to stop her from making the contract. And for a final wish for Homura, Madoka asks that Homura just kill her so she would not have to experience being a witch. Seriously, I feel so sad for Homura as she is forced to pull that trigger. There are more than just ordinary yuri subtexts in this show, I daresay that it is quite openly shown here.

And at the end of the episode, we see the regular opening theme. This shows that hope is indeed in this anime and that a beautiful blue sky is waiting for our Homura. I must say, this anime is a masterpiece compared to most anime that I used to watch. It may not be the best anime ever made, but it surely is one of the best for me.

Lyrics retrieved from animelyrics and edited by yours truly.

Pictures are from EmptyBlue, courtesy of Feal87 and *booru.

  1. One person on a trusted site I know said that ep10 raised the bar so high that eps 1-9 pale in comparison. Here’s my response:

    That’s the great thing about this show, they continue to outdo themselves week after week. One week you’ll say, this is the best episode yet. NO! The next week, no THIS is the best episode yet. It will probably go on and on till the finale, which is in 2 weeks, I think.

    Now for something different. Some would have mixed feelings for Homura now that they know what she’s been doing all this time but my feelings for her haven’t changed. Homura is STILL one badass lesbian. she will do whatever it takes, relive the same horror as many times as possible until she finally saves her girlfriend from utter destruction. Sure she could also try to save Mami, Sayaka and Kyoko from their fates but she already tried and failed so she decided to focus all her energy on saving the one she loves rather than the other 3. Homura isn’t as smart or calculating as Lillet Blan, but Incubator and the Walpurgis Nacht are a much greater threat than Calvaros and Grimlet will ever be.

    As we near the conclusion of this amazing and sorrowful tale, what end will await our stone cold heroine who is trying her best to save her beloved from her horrible fate?

    A wise woman said the following words:

    “Episode 10 was, as promised, incredible. Homura has been through so much, and has tried so hard…it occured to me that her qualities echo that of so many of our best-loved yuri characters…she is:

    Tomoyo from CCS,
    Setsuna from Sailor Moon,
    Hazuki from Yamibou,
    Chikane from KnM,
    Lillet Blan from GrimGrimoire,
    Dominura from Simoun,
    Utena from Utena,
    Fate from Nanoha,
    Natsuki from Mai-Hime,
    Fang from FFXIII…

    I could go on. In short, Homura is our dream character personified – a shy and sweet girl who turns herself into a magical time-traveling badass just to save the one girl who means everything to her, and to hell with everything (and everyone) else.

    Now it only remains to be seen if any possible good outcome can occur…”

    I salute this woman and agree wholeheartedly. Homura has proven herself to be just as true of a hero as Madoka herself and probably even more. Perhaps Homura is the true heroine of the show and not Madoka. I’m starting to think so. they should rename this show to Puella Magi Homura Magica. I can’t help myself. Homura has raised the bar so high that she’s practically the lesbian we’ve been waiting so long for since 2009. 2010 had some admirable heroines as well but 2009 was our year.

    • I want to meet the one who said those wise words.

      Homura’s story is one of the most tragic that I’ve seen so far. I only started watching anime a few years ago, but heck, this is turning out to be one of the best series that I have seen since Clannad: After Story.

  2. From what I read from another blogger’s post, the reason why episode 3 and 1- were epic was because it was worked on by SHAFT while episodes 4-9 were contracted with other companies. SHAFT will be doing the last two episodes and considering how episode 3 and 10 left this overflowing impression of epicness, we can assume that things will get better from here on.

    • Really? Then I’m betting that the next one would at least equal the greatness of episode 10. I’m really looking forward to the next episode. 😀

      • Check out this link

        more specifically, I quote this translted comment

        Please first just watch episode 10. You’ll see Homura in a much better light. And for any viewers out there who have been recording the whole thing, please watch the first episode before episodes 11 and 12. It’ll totally look like two completely different shows. I think that’s pretty cool. It’s as if the first time you watched it you were completely fooled. But the good kind of fooled…maybe. Please watch all the way to the end. And set the bar high. This show will definitely surpass that.

        to emphasize

        Please watch all the way to the end. And set the bar high. This show will definitely surpass that.

        to have THIS level of confidence in satisfying the viewers… I doubt these guys are even bluffing… makes me excited already XD


        From what I see, I don’t think that they’re bluffing, too. My goodness, this show is too good!

    • moichispa
    • March 13th, 2011

    I rewatched today episode 1. It is a great idea.

    • I agree. Getting to experience it again gives off a different vibe. It takes out that “boring” aspect of the first episode.

    • Yi
    • March 19th, 2011

    I never paid much attention to the lyrics, but now it really seems to be Homura. Anyway, that scene at the end of this post teared me up. It is too cruel.

    • I know, right? I haven’t watched that much anime as you guys have, but I can say that Madoka is one of the best series I have watched(It’s catching up to Clannad: After Story very fast).

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