Madoka fans are of different natures

Many madoka fans do everything in their ability to make us appreciate the series. Here are some:

Go to image hosting sites such as danbooru or konachan (links will be added later) (too lazy) for all sorts of things, including yuri pairings;

This video;

Warning: Slightly NSFW

This… is disturbing. I know that there will be Madoka H-doujins, but this is too much… WARNING: NSFW

A CHARLOTTE doujin manga. Yes, CHARLOTTE.

Of course, the stepmania version of the OP;

And a game based on the events of episode 6.

Yes, all of these halfway through the series! Madoka fans sure are at it only after only 6 episodes. Only Goodness knows how far they will go in the future… so let’s support them, okay? If you find more, please do tell me. 😀

  1. That video was nice, but a CHARLOTTE doujin?

    • I was surprised, too. It was really shocking to discover that some people get their kicks out of these kinds of things.

  2. Glad to see that Madokamania is running wild…also Charlotte…why am I not surprised. Ah well, at this rate any Madokamaniac is acceptable, except Youturds. I fear that soon someone will create one involving Mephisto plushie. Anyway, I’m looking forward to Thursday night for more madness.

    • It’s quite scary if you think about it though… what’s next? With the fanbase as it is, it’s no mystery that we will see more of those beautiful fanarts, as well as creepy H-doujins like that one.

      But what I want to see are work safe yuri doujins… I hope that there would be a lot of those.

  3. Gee Kyubey, what do you want to do tonight? The same thing I do every night Madoka, try to screw with little’s minds! They’re Madoka and Kyubey. Yes Madoka and Kyubey. One is a worrywart, the other is insane. An evil plushie bent on messing with your head. They’re Madoka, yes Madoka and the Kyu-bei-bei-bei-bei, bei-bei-bei-bei-BEI!
    Before each night is done, Madoka will cry. By the dawning of the sun, Kyubei will have screwed you! They’re Madoka and Kyubei. Yes Madoka and Kyubei. Its twilight is difficult to explain. To prove its sadism, it’ll claim your soul as his. they’re Madoka, yes Madoka and the Kyubei-bei-bei-bei, bei-bei-bei-bei WAH!

  4. The inspiration to my Madoka and the Kyubei theme song. Thank you for a wonderful childhood Pinky and the Brain!

    • Oh, so that was it! That was nostalgic, yes… but Kyuubee’s still a Machiavellian pervert.

      • Episode 7: My word, this show has absolutely no mercy. they even went as far as to pull a Chris Benoit. no…NO! Ouch, that’s hardcore doods, in a disturbing way! Whoo, this show continues to amaze me week after week. So far the only that hasn’t changed is our soon to be iconic Mephisto Plushie. Oh yeah, the ED song Magi will be available to me soon enough, hohohohoho!
        17 minutes later: NOOOO! Not that, man! Aw c’mon guys, this is going too far yo. A comrade from another site told me a premonition he had about what would happen to a certain superhero we know but I did not expect it to go down THIS route. Through all of this, through ALL the things that have happened so far, I may be bold by saying this but there is one who has proven time and time again why she is the strongest of all despite all the trials she’s continuously facing each day: That person is the strongest super heroine of all.
        20 minutes YOU SEE! YOU SEE! I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN AFTER THE 17 MINUTE MARK! Relentless, absolutely relentless! Good grief. what will happen next? Damn. I can’t close my mouth.…ooooh.

      • As we go by the episodes, I’m slowly starting to think that Kyuubee might not be that bad. I mean, while he is a royal pain in the neck, he is just doing what he needs to do: be like a businessman and sell those contracts, and what a good businessman he is, business plan-wise!

        As Homura said herself, Kyuubee doesn’t understand human morals, much like how Niccolo Machiavelli disregards it in running a nation. Let’s get real, Kyuubee is right in every way. Sayaka’s Touma-like thinking got her in deep sh*t. In reality, morals and religion only provide a model for living life to provide a convenient and easy way of carrying out our daily activities with less fear of being killed or inconvenienced by the natural primordial behavior of all animals, including humans.

        This show is not sugar, spice and everything nice, it is the real world in all of its unfairness and injustice all shoved into innocent and easily moved fourteen year old girls. I bet Madoka’s gonna fall into the inevitable pit soon, and all hell will break loose.

        Homura, on the other hand, is getting more and more suspicious as the show goes on. But that doesn’t change my support for the MadoMura pairing!

        And for the record, Sayaka had it coming. Don’t get me wrong, I feel so sorry for her that it almost made me lose it, but she was the one who brought it on herself, yes?

      • About the music, I just got them after they were released. They’re pretty cool, with all those extras that you can’t get from just downloading the mp3 files.

    • Yi
    • February 18th, 2011

    Even Charlotte gets a doujin… Not sure what to think of that.

    • This is the only Madoka H-doujin I found as of late. Kind of creepy if you ask me. I just stumbled upon this as I was reading Hau~ Omochikaeri!…

      • Ah, so you have also succumbed to the power of Rena Ryuuguu and Hanyuu. Good man.
        Wait a minute, have you ever told me of your Higurashi fandom? I don’t remember. Ah well…USO DA!

        Back to Kyubei: I have a feeling that you finally understand why I call him Mephistopheles or the Mephisto Plushie.

        Don’t give up hope on Madoka just yet. She will show us all what a true hero is. I believe in her.

        Still, it was just nasty what happened this week, impure, utter nastiness. what other madness awaits us next week as we continue to delve deeper into the darkness and the eve of witches fast approaching.

      • I have a feeling that we will be seeing something that we won’t forget for the rest of our lives. Having read Saya no Uta recently, I think that this is just the beginning of an insanity onslaught.

  5. I still have to read Saya no Uta but I’m currently watching the anime that will become my 100th review. Look forward to it. Oh, in case you haven’t seen them yet: numbers 1-99 are all in order and ready to be read.

    • Hmmm, may I ask what anime you are talking about?

      I’ve seen mot of the reviews you posted. I’ve gotta hand it to your dedication. It’s really nice to see one who’s very passionate on what they love to do.

      • I’m not going to spoil the surprise until I’m finished but I think you’ll recognize it immediately.

        Thanks for the compliment dood.

  1. February 21st, 2011

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