I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but…

For those people who hope to see Mami again, we might as well forget about it.

Reasons? Here are some.

Mami’s head was eaten by Charlotte, as we all remember. She’s dead. She got digested and turned into an unmentionable pile of bloody pulp after Homura blew the witch up.

She could have faked that!!!!!

Ask yourself this: Do you really think SHAFT would do that? Do you think UROBUCHI would do that? I don’t think so. Plus, it’s confirmed in the manga that she indeed lost her head and then got mauled by Charlotte in the more graphic storytelling.

Charlotte? Is that you?


But she still has her Soul Gem!!!!

For those who have seen episode 6, it’s clear that a destroyed body doesn’t exactly mean death for Puella Magi. However, note that when they transform, Puella Magi put their soul gems somewhere on their body. Look back to episode 3 and notice where Mami puts her soul gem when she transforms. That’s right! She puts it on her HEAD.

Madoka will wish her alive!!!!

Oh, come on… Madoka’s wish will most certainly not be that sappy. If she wanted to wish for that, she would have done so a long time ago. I’m sure Madoka will put whatever happens from now on before Mami’s revival. That I can be sure of.

This post is not intended to offend anyone and is not directed at any person or group of persons in particular. These are just my own personal rants on my own lack of analysis in the earlier episodes.

  1. This is why I’ve been ignoring Madoka threads these days…except the ones where not many are aware of Madoka’s greatness. I’m assuming people are expecting a Mai Hime type ending for this show. Ah well, Mami is gone but not forgotten, that’s all I have to say.

    • I know, right? They will keep Mami dead for inspiration because the tension has already dissipated. It would be rather dull to see her alive again, or worse, become an enemy. But with Urobuchi Gen, it is nearly impossible for this to have a Mai-HiMe ending or a Mami villain.

    • Yi
    • February 18th, 2011

    Oh no!!! She does put the gem on her head. 😦

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