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Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Zutto Shiawase na Kiss

Disc 1 Track 1: Intro

Nanami: My name is Oda Nanami, a freshman in Saint Michael’s All Girls’ Academy. Saint Michael’s or Mikajo, is a school for rich, young ladies. W-well, I’m not really a rich lady. I only enrolled here because I loved the cute uniforms that the school had.

My grades have always been not what you would call great nor am I particularly good at any sport. I’m also quite normal in appearance and I have a rather ordinary sense of style, or… a rather good one if I do say so myself. My personality has a biiit of rough edges here and there, but since I don’t get shy around others, I think I get along fine in school. Really, no matter from which angle you look, I am just an average high school girl. Everything changed when I met that special person.

Her name is Matsubara Yuuna-sama. She’s beautiful, smart and revered by everyone- the Academy’s Idol. When Yuuna-sama passes by with those elegant footsteps and figure, that soft hair and that fragrance, it makes all the others’ hearts pound! In Mikajo, she is the ideal Onee-sama, adored by everyone.

And of course, I am also one of those people.

I wanted to get close to her even just a little so I entered the Environmental Beautification Committee where she was the President. I did the work as earnestly as I could but committee work is a student’s worst nightmare. Handling school activity records, disciplinary records and all the other things that newcomers to the committee have to do, it was really tiring to be there. Really, why did they let someone like me enter the committee? Ummm… that’s another story.

So in short, to be with my beloved Yuuna Onee-sama, I entered the committee. I was busy everyday and I made many mistakes. But even so, just being with Yuuna-sama kept me happy through it all. But one day, I found out Yuuna-sama’s shocking secret! It was after committee work, in a vacant classroom, Yuuna-sama was holding my gym uniform, playing with herself! While she was doing it, she was calling out my name. My mind just went pure white from that! One of my usual blunders kicked in again and she caught me watching her. She then confessed her love for me! Yes, we have always shared the same feelings! Then, by a twist of fate and a miracle of chance, Yuuna-sama held me and told me that she does it three times a day like it was the most natural thing to say. She kissed me deeply, making me fall into a daze. While I was unable to do anything, it became something really perverted.

Haah, the Onee-sama of my dreams, whom I loved since the school’s opening ceremony… though it’s hard to believe, is without a doubt, an ero-otome!

-to be continued (hopefully)-

Please do not treat this post as a start of a translation project for Zutto Shiawase na Kiss. No, really… don’t. I’m not even sure if I can finish this entire thing yet. I’m currently busy dealing with my own stuff, too. If you are kind enough to help, then I would gladly accept any assistance. This also helps to get releases faster.

If you would like copies of the Drama CD’s, then please support Fuguriya by buying the CD’s when you have the chance.

Also, I would like to say that I do not have any intention of harming or endangering anyone with the probable “offensiveness” of the content of the CD or this post.  Please be reminded that the drama CD is rated 18+ for reasons that I don’t even need to mention.

I’m currently receiving assistance from a certain person that I’m not going to name yet, to protect both of our interests. Well, this my change depending on the situation.

  1. I find it strange how the latest CD is still nowhere to be found.

    • Maybe it hasn’t been in anyone’s collection yet… I still don’t have a copy myself.

    • Yi
    • February 18th, 2011

    Awesome!! Thanks for translating this. Good luck with the rest, and take your time.

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