When things get real…

That's a big gun.

Whoever says that mahou shoujo is just for kids is going to get his world upside-down.

I saw some comments on sankaku last time saying that Puella Magi/Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is going to be something like Nanoha with Hidamari Sketch-like art, just another generic mahou shoujo anime. Oh, boy… are they wrong!!! *spoilers ahead for those who haven’t watched episode 3 yet!*

It starts as another drama-filled day, with the conversations and the explanations, with a short flashy giant gun scene. Then, the usual happens. They go in the messed-up world, some more drama between the characters, and then Mami fights the “bad thing,” yes, the usual mahou shoujo stuff. Obviously, Mami obliterates the thing quite easily, with the flashy action scenes and the showcase of awesome in the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OP World.

While I was watching the finishing move scene near the end of the episode, I was like: “Hmmm? Generic “mahou shoujo” finishing move like in the other episodes?”

Then, I practically became a statue when I saw what happened next… “OH MY GOODNESS!!!”

This anime has instantly become serious as hell. I won’t tell what happened, just watch it. I think this episode alone deserves a review of its own (I’ll get into that sometime). It’s so “good” that I think I won’t be able to sleep tonight…

  1. The fool who said that Nanoha+Hidamari sketch combo is a bad thing has personally become my enemy in terms of anime. Then again I don’t concern myself with so called “big time” anime sites. Anyway, back to Madoka. From the very first episode I had high hopes for this show and as the show progresses, my hopes have increased with each episode. Week after week the show continues to surpass my expectations as I patiently await the MadoMura subtext (or canon, whichever comes true). Actually, the show had already a dark and ominous feel to it from the start.
    Point it, this show is my #1 show of the season so far and I’ll continue to hope for more greatness as the weeks pass.

    This reminds me of some stupid post I read on one of those “big sites” that dismissed Yumekui Merry, GOSICK and a 3rd show for being a cliche school life type show with generic, uninteresting male leads…ONLY AFTER WATCHING THE 1ST EPISODE ALONE! This is why so called hardcore anime otaku fans scare me sometimes because they make me question their sanity.

    • Indeed, Madoka Magica will be one of my best this season, if not the best. While Nanoha was good in its own right, PMMM is more serious in terms of dangers involved.

      I do hope that they put yuri in here… but then again, Urobuchi’s definition of a heartwarming story is that of Saya no Uta, I don’ know if I want THAT to happen to any of the heroines.

      “This reminds me of some stupid post I read on one of those “big sites” that dismissed Yumekui Merry, GOSICK and a 3rd show for being a cliche school life type show with generic, uninteresting male leads…”

      I think I might have read that one, too. They’re getting the slaps to their faces now!

  2. Oh goh, I have yet to play Saya no Uta (I do have it in my collection) but based on our good friend Yi’s review of it, I have a sense of just how dark the novel is. You have every right to be worried about the yuri in Madoka following a similar path. I hope it won’t. MadoMura must not face a horrible fate. I couldn’t bear seeing these two cuties reliving the “dark ages” of yuri.

    I must watch and embrace NanoFate’s greatness. I plan to follow their evolution from rivals, best friends, lovers and finally mothers. Please look forward to the Nanoha-thon sometime in the near future (either 4th period or Summer vacation.)

    • There is dark age of yuri? Oh, my…. I almost can’t believe it. Whatever that was, I don’t want to see it happening in PMMM.

      Have fun with your Nanoha-thon! I did that last year and it’s quite tiring; but heck, it was fun!

      • Basically it just means that a period where it was common for at least one yuri character to either die or lose in a love triangle involving a guy. A time where subtext was considered a greater blessing than it is now. So yeah, back then, in all forms of lesbian media it wasn’t surprising to predict that one of the innocent or psychotic lesbians would eventually get killed or end up with nothing.

      • Oh… to protect the majority, I see. It’s good to see that they almost never do that now.

  3. Yup, horrible times those were. Unfortunately, the darkness still looms over our beloved genre, thankfully it’s a rarity now.

    In any case, do you also suspect that Kyubei will make a heel turn later on the show? I REALLy want to see Sayaka use her super bat next week.

    • Actually, It is hinted at some of the graffiti (in German) on the first or second episode that Kyuubee/Cubey/Kyuubey is somehow like Mephistopheles from Goethe’s Faust. In exchange for a single wish and power, you serve him and fight the witches until you die. Kind of scary if you think about his perpetual smile…

      • Still counts as being a heel to me. Oh goh, don’t tell me it’s…THAT! That would be one of the most awesome and most diabolical plot devices ever used in a magical girl anime. If they plan to go down THAT route, I would actually applaud that kind of demented brilliance. Let’s not jump to any conclusions just yet. We’ve still got a long way to go.
        SUPER BAT!

      • That’s Urobuchi for you. He doesn’t fail to make everything dark, and I mean DARK. Seriously, this is the first time that I saw a Mahou Shoujo anime with this kind of twist and this kind of furry mascot.

        Edit: Super bat indeed!

      • Just a question: how long would this series air? 12 episodes, or 24? I can’t find a decent source of info.

  4. afkeroge :
    Just a question: how long would this series air? 12 episodes, or 24? I can’t find a decent source of info.

    According to ANN, it’s 12. We’ll see how it goes.

    • I saw ANN’s page about it. But I’m not so quick to trust them anymore after Index released episode 14. I do hope that it maintains the momentum that PMMM has gathered, then, I wouldn’t mind it being 35 episodes long.

      • A Madoka franchise of 26-40 episodes just like K-ON with very few fillers, or fillers that are entertaining. Keep in mind, let’s not forget the superb supporting cast, especially Madoka’s mom. She reminds me of the landlady from Hidamari Sketch, which means mom RULES!

      • Madoka’s Mom is actually quite the character, too, wishing her peers to disappear so she could take the higher position for her own. But that’s another thing that makes the series awesome. The characters are actually so self-driven, kind of like in G-Senjou no Maou, where money rules all.

  5. Haven’t really watch this.
    But from your rants, I guess this anime might be the one of my best anime (for story) this season. 😀

    • It’s really good so far. But I think you should stay away from this if you have a weak heart or you’re expecting something lighthearted.

    • Yi
    • January 25th, 2011

    Nanoha isn’t necessarily a generic Mahou Shoujo though… Certainly not Nanoha A’s and Strikers.

    Anyway, I’ve only seen the first episode of Madoka, but I’m really excited to get into the serious stuff.

    • Yeah. I got a bit annoyed at those comments in sankaku. Nanoha wasn’t generic. I actually liked it a lot and pretty much forced my roommate to watch all of the three seasons. It’s just that I think that Madoka is going down a more sinister path than any mahou shoujo anime I have seen.

      • Point is, Nanohamania will run wild on all who dare doubt its majestic power over all those who fail to understand that not ALL Magical Girl shows are about fluffiness, 100 hour transformation sequences and useless mascots. There are those who are exceptions and have reached a legendary status that fools can only deny by trolling for no good reason other than to satisfy their super inflated egos or give their life meaning.

        Rant over.

        In other news, Madoka ep4 premieres tomorrow night. Look forward to it.

      • I think I’m going to be late in watching it, though. My schedule does not exactly permit me to watch anime as soon as it comes out. Please don’t spoil me about the next episode if you happen to see it first.

  6. Don’t worry, I’ll only mention whether it’s good or not and await your reply.
    I’ll await the day you watch this episode before we can go into further details.

    Will this show ever stop kicking ass? Based on how it’s doing so far…I doubt it. so yeah, episode 4 is yet another great episode.

    Oh, and for those who knew this was coming…SUUUUUPEEEEERRRRR BAAAAAAAAAT! I don’t care what it actually is, (It’s pretty obvious when you see it) it’ll always be the Super Bat to me.

    Anyway, the darkness continues to grow and the chaos keeps getting more intense each week. Even the laughs have diminished to minor comedy moments that even THOSE have meaning now.
    One very minor spoiler…night of the living and a sort of homage to Silent Hill 3 if you can recognize it.

    Ohhh yes, this March is going to be big. For all my fans, expect a very special review in that month.

    • I think that you’re going to like the Madoka Magica in depth analysis that I have started to write. Please look forward to it.
      And about episode 4…

      • By all means, go ahead dood. Our discussions will give me some juicy material for my long awaited G-View. I’m still thinking on whether I should make this show my 100th Xtravaganza or stick with the show I had originally planned to review on my 100th episode. We’ll see.

        Anyway, let me know when you’re finished.

        Also, 8 more to go before the big episode.

      • After about a whole day of rewatching and recalling my thoughts, it’s finally done.

  7. Now I am going to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast coming over again to read other news.

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