Why? No, Seriously… Why? (Part 2, Yuri Edition)

Being an anime fan and being a big sucker for heartwarming stories above all, I tried to explore different types of anime: shoujo titles, seinen titles and some shounen titles until I had nothing left on what I’d consider then to be morally acceptable for me. Sadly, though, not many series seemed to give me a dose of heartwarming as much as Clannad and it’s second season did.

I decided to ask for suggestions on what to watch from some people I know. One of them gave me Strawberry Panic!. Well, obviously, I questioned the content of the show at first. I asked, “Maganda ba talaga ‘to?” or “Is this really a good watch?” His reply was a bit on the lines of: “It’s a different kind of anime. I think you would be rather pleased.” So I thought that I should give it a shot. At first, I was quite surprised about the events that transpired. The first time that Nagisa and Shizuma met, Nagisa fainted from a kiss to the forehead, complete with the blushing and the “What a beautiful person…” line.

I thought, “O…kay… that was a bit wierd, but nice.” Now that curiosity had taken the better of me yet again, and a new found interest in a whole new genre, I decided to finish the series. While not being in the same level as the heartwarming in Clannad, it still was a new experience to me. I didn’t understand why I liked the themes that Strawberry Panic! contained at first. My mind was full of the “isn’t this a bit weird for a guy?” thoughts, my petty morality and overly conservative inhibitions. I spent some time alone doing research on the matter and thinking about things, and I have discovered some reasons on why I was so attached to yuri.

I have heard or read from somewhere that men are sexual beings whilst women are on the more emotional side. Women tend to take into consideration the feelings of the people around her more that what men are willing to do. This is something that I have proven from watching movies and anime. I noticed that most of the drama and the interesting plot movements center around a female character. Since Strawberry Panic!’s main cast consist of girls, there was a lot of conflict that came out. Well, never mind some of the people who were completely annoying.

After finishing it, I researched on things that have anything to do with yuri. I wanted to know more on why it tends to attract people. Then a friend told me of an English translation project (patch is out) of a visual novel. It turns out to be a yuri visual novel, the very popular Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo. I got the game as soon as the patch was out and I was simply amazed at what I’ve been missing. Though lacking in plot, it was a really sweet story.

Ever since then, I’ve been following ListlessInk for yuri related things.

    • Yi
    • January 19th, 2011

    I think my first exposure to yuri in anime is from Shizuru x Natsuki in Mai HiME, although I had been pretty familiar with lesbian themes for a long time. It opened my eyes to the potential of anime in portraying lesbian relationships, and since then, I’ve consumed lots and lots of yuri materials.

    “O…kay… that was a bit wierd, but nice.”
    Loll, that reaction made me chuckle.

    • Hmmmm… I haven’t watched Mai-Hime yet, but I think it aired here in my country in free TV some years ago. I didn’t know there was yuri in it. I think I may check it out sometime.

  1. I’ve recently started reviewing old yuri classics aside from Simoun which was one of my best work in my early days of reviewing shows, which was last May.

    How many time have I heard the same story? how many times have I seen different people say the SP is the very 1st yuri anime they had ever seen? Heck, I’m one of those people. I’ve been a fan of lesbian media since I was 9. At first it was just the sexual aspect, but as my mind evolved, so did my appreciation for the beauty and wonder of watching two women fall in love with one another. I have yet to tire of watching these ladies in animated form confess their feelings for each other. I simply can’t get enough.

    • You’ve been a fan since you were 9? Woah, I would have never expected that! Nonetheless, I think it’s quite nice that you found these kinds of stuff earlier, I’m quite envious…

  2. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Mai-HiME is awesome. If you enjoyed that one, check out Mai-Otome afterward.

    • I think I may watch it one of these days… hopefully (I hate post-secondary school requirements…)

  3. It all started when I watched an episode of the Howard Stern show (before it went satellite). the guests were a girl who just married and her mother in law…you can pretty much guess what Howard eventually asked them to do (lip lock). My curiosity grew from then on which eventually became fascination, admiration and now appreciation.

    • Woah… that was a bit unusual.

      • Yup. Those are the kinds of guests he has on his show aside from celebrities.

        Anyway, your headline pic makes me sad. Why, BECAUSE THE CUTIE ON THE PIC ISN’T ONE OF THE OPTIONS OF WHO YOU CAN END WITH IN AOISHIRO! I like her. In case you’re wondering, yes I did reach that scene and know that it’s not what it looks like. “sobs”.

      • Must be a fun show… 🙂

        I just put a random Aoishiro pic that I had lying in my computer there. And yeah, too bad Shouko can’t end up with her… or the energetic one…

  4. WAAAAAAH! Why did you have to mention the energetic one? She’s my 2nd favorite character in the game. sure, the candidates who are selectable for Shouko to eat some sweet pie from are cool in their own way, but the two ladies I admire so much are the ones I wanted Shouko to pair up with the most.

    • I actually did try desperately to open possible secret routes that involve them. Too bad I found out later that they don’t exist…

  5. Ah well, at least we’ll always have fanfics created specifically from that one pic. It’s very suggestive to those who have never played the game. She’s so cute and slender.

    Now on to SP, your thoughts on the great goddess known as Chikaru?

    • Hmmmm… it’s been a long time since I watched SP! and forgive me if I’m wrong but, is Chikaru the one who makes those two other girls dress up in different outfits?

      • Ah, I had a feeling you would eventually forget since it’s a classic and quite old show these days. Anyway, yes she is the one who dresses her harem members in different outfits. The tall girl with black hair. The other black haired girl with large breasts is Yaya.

      • Oh, so it IS her. Gotta love her!

  6. What made me sad is that even though Chikaru did get some pie in the light novels and manga, she didn’t get any pie in the anime. She deserved pie as well….wait…she has a harem…never mind.

    • I think she got lots of pie because of her harem. Only the authors know what the heck they do in their free time.

  7. If she’s similar to other yuri harem queens such as Kaede Sakura from Kampfer, Sousou Moutoku from Koihime Musou and the unbeatable Iono-sama from Iono-sama fantics…then I have a pretty good idea of what Chikaru does behind closed doors with her harem…”Evil smile”

    • I think she’s the docile type. But I don’t mind her being like Yuuna, too. She’s powerful, and she loves her girls. *imagination runs wild*

      • Most awesome indeed. Plus having her wear a bikini made my nosebleed much more than Yaya’s breasts and Shizuma in the shower.

        Speaking of the resident vampire, if you can remember, what are your thoughts on this super powered being with the last name Hanazono?

      • About Shizuma, while she is indeed a beautiful person like Nagisa says, I think that she’s a little of a playgirl before she met Nagisa. I liked how she was developed in the series, though.

        And on a note: I’m too young to be forgetting about things. I haven’t even hit 20 yet but I feel like an old man. I had to think for five minutes just to recall the things that happened in SP!. I think I should see a doctor.

  8. We both know that it’s because of the whole Kaori thing that Shizuma became cold. After all, she did suck too much of Kaori’s blood. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that Kaori passed away because of health problems. NO! Shizuma sucked too much of her blood while they were making love. So yeah, once Nagisa and Shizuma finally accepted each other’s feelings, Shizuma reverted back to her old playful self.

    On another note, I want to see the most famous lesbian vampires: Shizuma and Erisu in a steel cage match to prove which is the strongest vampire. After all, they both have similar height, weight, physical attributes and superpowers (Hypnotic eyes, stealth, teleportation superspeed. no flight though.) Yes, I’m deranged.

    As for being forgetful at an early age, I tend to forget people’s names in less than a week if I’m not in constant contact with them. So yeah, you’re not the only who has problems remembering things.

    • Hmmm… I have trouble predicting who would win. I don’t think they would just stay put in the cage, though. They would destroy it and reunite with each other’s love. And then good things will ensue. *Kyuubey perpetual smile :3*

      • Good answer. Perhaps a winner can be decided if their girlfriends lives would be on the line and only the winner’s girlfriend would be spared from a horrible fate…however, I suspect that they would team up to rescue their betrothed together.
        Oh, how about a tag team match with their lovers competing as well. I’m certain that Shizuku and Nagisa would have SOME combat skills like their supernatural girlfriends.

        I’ve always wanted to create a 100 anime girl wrestling game mixed with yuri girls and famous fighting anime girls. It would be magnificent if I had the resources.

      • If I had the knowhow, I would gladly help. Unfortunately, programming is one of my worst subjects.

    • Random
    • February 26th, 2014

    If u wanted a heartwarming anime other then clannad i suggest you Little Busters. But the anime is far from the original so if u want really something that CAN be equal to clannad, dowload the visual novel of little busters.

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