Yummy, Yummy Yuri… Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo

I have a very soft heart for yuri. When I was informed that this visual novel existed and an english translation was already available, I lost let’s say… 2 liters of my blood through my nose (in my mind, at least).

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo (A Kiss for the Petals) series focuses on pure, clean yuri relationships (none of the icky stuff [futanari and blah]), between different pairs of girls (one pair for each game). The first game, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo is the cornerstone of probably the most successful yuri game franchise ever.

The player takes the role of Nanami Oda, an otherwise ordinary school girl who attends St. Michael All Girls High School. She meets Yuuna Matsubara, the super famous student council president loved by everyone. Nanami’s life then changed when she discovered that Yuuna actually likes her (I won’t say how she found out) and a LOT of stuff happens after.

The game is played like most visual novels out there. But the thing is, it only has a single plot line and choices do not really affect the plot in any way, though the ending may vary depending on the choices made.

For the Sono Hanabira Series, I’ve decided to adopt an entirely different rating system (as Sono Hanabira is not a story oriented game)

Characters (Compatibility): As far as the personalities of the two girls are involved, they belong to the general archetypes of characters, a lovestruck girl and a level-headed student council president would not exactly be called original character concepts but I have to say that they DO suit each other. There’s a generous amount of love comedy between the two characters, which makes them quite likable for yuri fans. (7/10)

Character Development: As for character developent in the game, I really liked how Nanami’s character rolled out in this game. Yuuna, too, left a good impression on me. (7/10)

The Juicy Part (generally called H-Scenes): Reluctant as I am to view H-Scenes (I generally skip them), I feel that for this particular series, H-Scenes can make or break the game. As this game is non-story oriented, the obvious selling points are the characters and the H-Scenes. Anyway, this game’s H-Scenes are pure, uncorrupted by any of the fetishes that pollute the eroge market (I guess you know what those are). It shows a certain degree of innocence and romance which make the H-Scenes more on the sweet side than on the purely erotic side. This certainly makes reading the H-scenes an easier (and a rather pleasant) experience. (7/10)

Art: As this is the first installment of Fuguriya’s fine series, the artwork here is needless to say, lower in technological quality (rendering and blah), however, the backgrounds, sprites and CG’s were drawn very nicely by the genius Peko, who did the art on all Sono Hanabira games. (8/10)

Music, and all the other things that the series have in common: I won’t rate these numerically, for obvious reasons.

Overall: Sono Hanabira is one series that truly amazed me. It gives a realistic yet fantastic take on yuri relationships, not to mention that the couples are diabetes-inducing because of sweetness.

Characters (30%)=                        2.1

Character Development (30%)=  2.1

H-Scenes (20%)=                           1.4

Art (20%)=                                      1.6

Overall (100%)=                             7.2 (pretty good)

(Art is only 10% because the games are all from the same artist)

    • Yi
    • October 23rd, 2010

    I wouldn’t call the story/ characters too original either, but they are nevertheless well executed. A fairly nice story to start the series, albeit a bit safe. Student council pres. and the unassuming but honest girl are a rather cliche pair in yuri. Still, I thought it was nice and sweet. I wouldn’t say it’s realistic, but I don’t expect it to be. Anyways, mostly agreed with the overall score. Great review!

    • EmperorG
    • January 7th, 2011

    Well said dood. I agree with your thoughts on the 1st episode. I mostly consider this episode as a prototype of things to come in the later episodes. Also, with the 2nd episode’s patch promised to be released this Sunday, I look forward to your thoughts on the 2nd episode after you finish playing it translated. Great review and rock on dood!

    • Thanks for the support ^_^. I’ll be sure to post a review once I’m done reading the novel.

  1. A girl pissing on another girl isn’t a fetish that pollutes the market? That’s a stupid thought.

    If anything, the 1st and 2nd couples had plenty of impure themes.

    Nor is this game a realistic portrayal of anything. There’s no such thing as a realistic perfection. Let alone one that never gets caught by anyone during H-Scenes in a nurses office.

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