That was a sudden turn…

Yosuga no Sora… one of the anticipated series by some this season, primarily because of the themes that it contains. Spoilers ahead for those who have’t watched episode 3 yet!

I was expecting more of a lighthearted approach to this series, though (EUFONIUS SANG THE OP!!!!). But no use complaining.

Getting to the juicy parts of this (supposedly) twincest story, it seems that Haruka and Sora have very “special” childhood experiences(see episode 1) and Sora seems to take a romantic interest towards her brother. Haruka, however, seems oblivious to Sora’s feelings though he does take care of her.

However, I was surely surprised about the sudden turn it took in episode 3, Haruka suddenly confesses to Kazuha out of nowhere, leaving me at a loss. Now, I have absolutely no idea on how this is going to turn out.

    • Yi
    • October 29th, 2010

    Hm… So I guess it’s not going for twincest but for a harem instead.

    • They wrapped up Kazuha’s story in episode 4… so I suppose that they will be doing the anime in omnibus format… there will still be incest, though…

      (But man, this anime sure is explicit… they showed Kazuha and Haruka doing the nasty…)

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