Clannad: Taking You to a Place Where Wishes Come True

Clannad had quite an impact on the anime industry when it was adapted from the visual novel. It moved many (including myself) to tears. With the superb scenario writing and storytelling by Jun Maeda and the captivating animation by Kyoto Animation, Clannad really did live up to its potential.

The story revolves around the delinquent but kind Tomoya Okazaki. Due to an accident, his mother died when Tomoya was still very young. He has a very apathetic view on life and spends most of his time wandering around town until late at night.

One day, on his way to school, he meets Nagisa Furukawa, a seemingly shy girl. The story then begins.

Nagisa in her first meeting with Tomoya

Story: Kyoto Animation’s adaptation of the game is no less than great. It presented itself quite nicely, uncovering the circumstaces of the heroines and how Tomoya gets involved in each girl’s problems. A problem with this is that it cannot cover all the individual paths of each heroine, as it will make Tomoya a playboy. This leaves some dissatisfaction for the fans of the visual novel. Nonetheless, Kyoto Animation succeeds in what Key works are famous for: making people cry. (8/10)

Characters: Clannad’s characters, like all Key’s characters, makes one sympathize and relate to their individual personalities and problems. They each have their own unique feel that the genre demands, complimented by some of the best seiyuus in the profession (Mamiko Noto, Mai Nakahara and Yuuichi Nakamura), the characters, in themselves, are a work of art. (9/10)

Sound and Music: The music in Clannad plays a vital role in the creation of the right mood for the anime. Like previous Key game adaptations by KyoAni (Kanon and Air), most of the music and sounds in the anime come from the music tracks in the visual novels. The BGM tracks, composed by Key’s signature composers Shinji Orito, Magome Togoshi and Jun Maeda himself makes the experience of Clannad a truly memorable one. The opening theme of Clannad “Megumeru” (Mag Mell) by Eufonius is also quite good. The end theme was a song rendition of Nagisa’s theme and was titled “Dango Daikazoku” (The Big Dango Family), and was supposed to be the theme song of the Big Dango Family that Nagisa loves. Overall, The music used in the adaptation was really something to be admired. (10/10)

Execution: The execution of the plot can be said to be like the average eroge/visual novel adaptations out there. It can’t be helped that it will turn out like this, as the nature of galges tend to be a story of a guy and his harem. (5/10)

Animation Quality: I cannot emphasize enough on how good KyoAni is at their animation style, the movements are very fluid and the background art is good. The only drawback for me is that KyoAni characters tend to have huge eyes. Though this can be quite the wow factor for some, I think that keeping the eyes in the “regular” category can make the art even more amazing that it already is. (10/10)

Overall: That being said, Clannad is an anime worthy of all the praise it gets from all the people who have watched it. It’s not just an adaptation of a visual novel, it’s good enough to be called an anime that will stand even without a niche fanbase.

Story (30%)=                        2.4
Characters (20%)=              1.6
Sounds and Music (10%)=  1.0
Execution (20%)=                1.0
Animation Quality (20%)= 2.0
Overall (100%)=                  8.0

  1. This anime brings manly tears. I haven’t play the VN yet, so I don’t know how may event that not adapted into anime. But from my view this anime deserve 9/10 score despite not all story from VN adapted in anime. KyoAni did a good job.

    • I agree that this anime brings manly tears (or even girly tears), and it’s true that it surely is one that made me change my view on life. But if you watch the second season, After Story, you will understand why I gave this anime such a score.
      By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. ^_^

  2. I have yet to watch Kanon or Clannad, but I have seen Angel Beats and Air, which basically solidified my admiration for KEY! KEY is now my 2nd favorite company in terms of anime and visual novels. My 2nd fav anime company being Shaft.

    Rest Assured I plan to watch both Kanon and Clannad in the future and experience even more man-tears. There is NO SHAME in shedding man-tears. For heaven’s sake I cried during the confession between Chikane and Himeko in the final episode. I am not ashamed to admit this because that scene was powerful and so romantic. Only KEY shows have come close to making me shed man-tears. There are other shows as well but I can’t remember them at the moment.

    • You should really watch Clannad. It’s one of the best anime out there, and the best VN ever made (in Bayesian rating). The second season can “wring tears from a rock”. I’ll be glad to hear about your experience after watching it!

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